From author Kate Frieman ( This series of writer resources originated as a handout from a Toronto Romance Writers’ workshop.

Alderson, Martha, Plot Whisperer, The: Secrets of Story Structure Any Writer Can Master, Aadams Media (e-book)

Atchity, Kenneth and Chi-Li Wong, Writing Treatments That Sell, Owl Books

Bell, James Scott, Art of War for Writers, The: fiction writing strategies, tactics, and exercises, WDB (& e-book)

Bell, James Scott, Fiction Attack! Insider Secrets for Writing and Selling Your Novels & Stories, e-book

Bell, James Scott, Plot & Structure, WDB

Bell, James Scott, Writing Fiction for all You’re Worth: Strategies and techniques for taking your fiction to the next level, e-book

Bernhardt, William, Perfecting Plot: Charting the Hero’s Journey, Red Sneaker Writers’ Books (e-book)

Bernhardt, William, Story Structure: The key to successful fiction, Red Sneaker Writers’ Books (e-book)

Bickham, Jack M., Scene & Structure, WDB

Brooks, Larry, Story Engineering, WDB

Cowgill, Linda J., Secrets of Screenplay Structure; Lone Eagle

Dibell, Ansen,  Plot, WDB

Field, Syd, Screenplay, Screenwriters’ Workbook, etc.

Frey, James N., How to Write a Damn Good Novel, St. Martin’s Press

George, Linda, Fill-In-the-Blank Plotting, Crickhollow Books for Writers

Gerke, Jeff, Plot versus Character, WDB

Hague, Michael, Writing Screenplays That Sell, Michael Wiese Productions

Hallinan, Timothy, ed., Making Story: Twenty-One Writers on How They Plot, (e-book)

McKee, Robert, Story; Harper Collins

Noble, June and William, Steal This Plot: A Writer’s Guide to Story Structure and Plagiarism; Paul S. Eriksson

Obstfeld, Raymond, Crafting Scenes, The Novelist’s Essential Guide to; WDB

Schmidt, Victoria Lynn, Ph.D., Story Structure Architect, WDB

Seger, Linda, Making a Good Script Great, 2nd Edition, Samuel French

Snyder, Blake, Save The Cat!, Michael Wiess Productions

Snyder, Blake, Save the Cat! Goes to the Movies, Michael Wiess Productions

Snyder, Blake, Save the Cat! Strikes Back, Michael Wiess Productions

Tobias, Ronald B., Theme & Strategy : How to Build a Strong Narrative Structure; WDB

Tobias, Ronald B., 20 Master  Plots (And How To Build Them), WDB

Trottier, David, The Screenwriter’s Bible, Silman-James Press, Beverly Hills, CA, 1995

Vogler, Christopher, The Writer’s Journey, 3rd Edition, Michael Wiese Productions

Vogler, Christopher, Memo From the Story Dept., Michael Wiess Productions

Voytilla, Stuart, Myth and the Movies; Micheal Wiess Publications