As awful as much of 2020 was, there were highlights. Dozens of new books to read. ‘Meeting’ people via Zoom (wish I’d b ought the stock early on). Visits with friends and family were fewer and socially distanced but that meant they were even more precious than before. Doomscrolling became a thing – and it’s a hard habit to break.

My first novel, Kenora Reinvented, is selling on Amazon everywhere, through Kobo, Chapters Indigo, Barnes and Noble and other online and print booksellers. The feedback is positive, which spurs me on. My readers want to know what happens next.

I have the bulk of Book 2 – The Fifth Man – drafted, but instead of rushing it into print this year, I’ve been slowly plugging away because I’ve been busy doing consulting work. I know, I know – there are writers who produce multiple novels in a year, some of them while holding down full time jobs or raising lots of children or discovering new scientific marvels. That just isn’t me. I’ve tried, didn’t like the stress and stopped.

My characters have been fairly quiet and doing their own thing the background. But I’ve been thinking of them, like distant friends who keep in touch sporadically. Stay tuned for Kenora’s next adventures, to be published by the end of 2021. She’s off on another quest, and this one is very personal. In the meantime, I envision Jake and Kenora tucked up nice and warm on a couch, sipping great sparkling wine and cooking fabulous meals together.

2020 was the year of the Metal Rat, and what a huge, tough ratty time it was!

Next year is predicted to be “synonymous with hard work, discipline, loyalty and a fair appreciation of tangible reality. On its advent, from the Chinese New Year 2021 onwards, the characteristics and dynamics that gain influence are constancy, a taste for traditions, but also the internalization of feelings, the sense of savings and the attraction for discipline.”

That’s good – both Kenora, Jake and I will have to stay focused, prudent and lucid, all qualities that bode well for what we hope will be positive and lasting effects on whatever we do! Go Metal Ox, you big lug.

A safe, Happy New Year to all!