Dirty Bits Podcast – (produced by Tawny and George Platis) home of erotic audio stories read by Sherry.

Started with 100 listeners and now have 30,000. They take erotic stories from a variety of sources.

NOTE: If you have adult content – there have to be disclaimers warning underage or sensitive folk not to listen.

WHERE TO GET MATERIAL? They have started with story prompts they send to various authors. Have had guest recorders.

Depending on how you produce the podcast, you can schedule ahead of time.

LENGTH OF PODCAST? Varies. Have done chapter novels from people who have published on Amazon. Have produced chapters every other week or sometimes the whole story.

Started with an inexpensive recorder, a site at blogspot.com, free editing software – very simple and low tech.

YOU DON’T NEED FANCY EQUIPMENT OR A STUDIO! Use an iPad – Voice Recorder Pro. Splice, edit, change the hope of recording, speed, etc. Audacity – editing. Make sure you have a quiet space because the mic picks up sound. Whenever you make mistakes, leave a pause. Good pair of headphones make it go more smoothly.

Make sure you collect data on podcast activity.

#1 – topic

#2 – how often will you podcast

#3 – what is your plan for the future?

#4 – are you going to produce original content or use work from others (allow time to collect)

#5 – who will do the recording?

#6 – use iPad for recording, laptop for editing

#7 – make sure you include info on story content – may not appeal to everyone

MediaMonkey – meta tagging allows searchers

Their objective is to get people noticed – stories for the masses

Cross-promote with other podcasts and product/service providers

When recording – mics pick up room echoes, furnace noise, running appliances. Find a location where ambient sounds are absorbed (e.g., bedroom)

Background music? Some authors send an audio file with their content.

REMEMBER – Creative Commons attribution re copyright when required.

They have not monetized! It’s a hobby for them.  But I did some research and discovered they have a website that solicits patrons or subscribers who pay a monthly fee for special access – it’s called Patreon. They spend about 8 hours a week – editing, recording, inputting meta tags, images, uploading to server, promoting on Twitter over a two week period.

Make an intro and content warning – use for each podcast for consistency.

Voices have to add feeling to the story – can’t just read the script – the narrator has to feel they are part of the reading. Have to passionate about the content to make it interesting for the reader.

Be familiar with the laws in your jurisdiction – there are some stories that contain illegal content or forbidden themes. If you want to make money, follow the federal and provincial rules, business practices – brings it from a hobby to a business level.

Social network reach – getting other authors involved. They have the networks that grow your audience – if they have a following, piggy-back on that. Twitter is their best friend. Search for people who have the same content as you – contact them, ask them to check out your work – if they retweet, then it spiderwebs from there.

PodernFamily – piggyback on those groups. There are so many independent projects out there – like minded people want to share with others. Hand out business cards in bathrooms,  hotels, other conference venues, related gamers and posters, etc. Partner and trade advertising and cross-promotion with other websites.

Other independent podcasters are willing to help.

Include a closing file about copyright, the URL, remind people about the podcast, end with a memorable tag line.