Labyrinth Prayer: based on Ecclesiastes 3.

My Calgary writer-friend Diana and I meet every year when I travel west to celebrate my Aunty’s birthday. In 2018, Aunt Germaine turned 90, which is an amazing milestone.

Diana and I took some time on a glorious sunny day to walk the indoor labyrinth at Knox United Church in downtown Calgary. We walked barefoot in the cool dimness, isolated from the bustle outside, concentrating on the path of our steps. During the first walking meditation, we posed questions whose answers we sought. As we retraced our steps, we composed messages of gratitude and wonder. We departed the peaceful solitude lighter in spirit than when we began.

As we embark with hope on 2019, this prayer is a reminder for us as we start on our journey into the unknown.

For everything – turn, turn, turn.

There is a season – turn, turn, turn.

In a time for every purpose under heaven.

God’s soul friend and eternal companion,

Circle of your love holds the awesome earth,

the cosmos, and every day that is given to my life.

Within your enfolding I think of difficult things.

I leave behind the burden of this week,

the unexpected stresses, the predictable pressures,

of people, of job, of church, of school.

I turn and turn again, and then I/we let them go.

Still I am not at rest. The path goes on and on.

I feel the close company of anger, of hurtful thoughts and

words directed at me or emanating from me.

Take them from me, as I turn and turn again.

Still I carry the burden of mistakes I’ve made in my family,

in society, as a member of the global community.

These burdens are too heavy, and I lay them down.

And now, may I find a resting place at the centre of my soul.

A still, small circle of your love,

the embrace of your saving grace.

There I pause and breathe your spirit’s breath into my spirit.

Then turned me around again, holy God of my pilgrimage,

and send me back into community, face to face.

As I wind my way back,

I hear again your promise to guide me, your promise to love me,

your promise to turn my sorrow into joy.

I turn and turn again,

growing eager, becoming ready and open

to hear your word, sing your songs, pray your prayers

I remember that you make all things new.