Stories and Outtakes

As writers we produce so much that it often doesn’t always fit into a specific category. Here you will find some of my stories and outtakes. Enjoy!

A Blog Worth Reading – Diana Cranstoun

Diana is one of my favourite people and a member of our electronic women's writing group, Ladies of Letters. We met again this summer at Calgary's When Words Collide Reader/Writer conference and shared an afternoon coffee, a long walk and longer talk on a bench in the...

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2016 WWC – Sensuality

The members of this full-house panel of authors included: Lori Whyte, Nola Sarina, Jessica L. Jackson, Brandy Ackerly. Their advice was witty and on point. There have to be connections between emotional and sexual elements – how do you get from one type of connection...

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Notes from 2016 WWC – Heroines

Panel Members: Lori Whyte, Jessica L. Jackson, Victoria Curran, Melanie Stanford In contemporary novels, there is no Snidely Whiplash and Dudley Do-Right saving little Nell. Today’s characters (male and female) have evolved from the past to become more independent and...

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When Words Collide 2016 – Branding: Steena Holmes

Who are you? That's not an existential question but an essential one when you're an author trying to be heard amidst the 'noise' that is the Internet. When you're fighting for a foothold in the overcrowded publishing universe. Pick me, pick me! Steena's presentation...

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2016 When Words Collide

Oh, boy, I've been waiting all year for this. When Words Collide, a mega celebration of all things writing and readerly, starts on Friday morning with Master Classes. I cannot wait until the gong sounds. Here's a link to the agenda. The price is so damned reasonable -...

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Mastering Conflict, by Sarah MacLean

Something new - a presentation made at Romance Writers of America Conference in 2015. I'm not sure why Prezi doesn't include sound, and makes you manually click through each of the slides...but there you are. I've included the transcript below the slides. Click on the...

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