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From book reviews and recommendations to tips about the craft and updates on the changing publishing landscape, this is where you will find a range of information to help you improve your writing.

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2016 When Words Collide – Writing Trilogies

You have to have a core idea that can be sustained over three books – take your vision expand on it, add characters, create a lush story. Take the kernel of story from the first book and developing it more fully. Drawbacks – it’s not the right time or the write story....

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From 2016 When Words Collide – And then the fight began

To be believable, you have to be comfortable with the genre. Read fight scenes - adapt and retread your favourites Read famous examples: Sword fight in Scaramouche Bullfights in The Sun Also Rises Intense Violence in Naked Lunch Anything by Lee Child - Jack Reacher...

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Screenplay Structure: The Five Plot Points

If the sequences are what shape a screenplay's three-act structure, then the five major plot points are the building blocks behind sequence construction: Inciting Incident, Lock In, Midpoint, Main Culmination, and Third Act Twist. Nearly every well-constructed...

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The 5.75 Questions You Need Answers to

Yes, I know. Technically, if I use the grammar rules Sister Mary John Frances taught me in grade twelve, I should have written: "The five point seven five questions to which you need answers". But grade twelve passed like a vapour many decades ago, and I'm an author,...

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Mastering Conflict, by Sarah MacLean

Something new - a presentation made at Romance Writers of America Conference in 2015. I'm not sure why Prezi doesn't include sound, and makes you manually click through each of the slides...but there you are. I've included the transcript below the slides. Click on the...

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TED Talk – Why I read a Book a Day

in this TED Talk, Tai Lopez reminds us that everyone wants the good life, but not everyone gets the good life because not everyone is willing to do what it takes. He raises interesting points about 'the law of 33%' - how people at the highest level spend their time....

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