Last evening, I had the pleasure of speaking with a group of energetic writers who met at the Angus Glen Library in Markham. The Storytellers represented the diversity of writers – published, in the draft stage, conceptualizing ideas, writing 250 words every day, searching for the right book title.

The topic was Tools for Writers. Click below to download a copy of the Powerpoint presentation and two handouts.

H. Miller – Storytellers Meetup – Tools for Writers

Storytellers Meetup – Resources for Writers – list

Snapshot of Writing Books in my Kindle library

After the inevitable ‘technical difficulties’ which meant I couldn’t use my laptop and demonstrate the sites I’d teed up as examples, we managed to get the in-house projection system going, albeit without sound from the HDMI cable. I’ve listed some of the resources we spoke about.

Free Scrivener Templates – most will be in /zip format. Download them to your computer. Extract the files, open Scrivener and Import the project file. CHECK OUT THE BLOGS HE MENTIONS!

World-building Leviathan – Belinda Crawford’s blog delivers a great deal of useful information. Check the comments section for details.

Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America – contains references and links to related resources

Finding Writing Inspiration

Tricks for Getting Inspired to Write

How to Pick a Title for Your Book

Five Ways to Choose your Novel’s Title

REMEMBER: Bum in Seat. Pen to Paper. Fingers on Keyboard.

Thank you to Ange Friesen, Community Librarian, for organizing the Meetup, and for inviting me to be a presenter.

Enjoy your writing process!