From author Kate Frieman ( This series of writer resources originated as a handout from a Toronto Romance Writers’ workshop.

Batko, Ann, When Bad Grammar Happens to Good People, Castle Books

Bryson, Bill, Troublesome Words, Penguin

Fergusson, Rosalind, Complete Guide to Grammar, The, Arcturus

Gross, Gerald, Editors on Editing, Grove Press

Hogue, Ann, Essentials of English, The, Longman

Kaplan, David Michael, Revision: A Creative Approach to Writing and Rewriting Fiction, Story Press,

Lerner, Betsy, Forest for the Trees, The, Riverhead (Berkley)

Maccauley, Robie, Technique in Fiction, St. Martin’s Press

McClanahan, Rebecca, Word Painting, WDB

O’Connor, Patricia T., Origins of the Specious, Random House

Plotnik, Arthur, Elements of Editing, The, MacMillan

Provost, Gary, Beyond Style, WDB

Provost, Gary, Make Every Word Count, WDB

Shertzer, Margaret, The Elements of Grammar, Collier MacMillan

Strunk, William Jr. and E.B. White, The Elements of Style, MacMillan