From author Kate Frieman ( This series of writer resources originated as a handout from a Toronto Romance Writers’ workshop.

Bickham, Jack, Writing and Selling Your Novel; WDB

Block, Lawrence, Spider, Spin Me A Web: On Writing Fiction; WDB

Block, Lawrence, Writing The Novel; WDB

Dufrense, John, Lie That Tells a Truth, The; Norton

Duncan, Kat, Telling Details, 2nd Edition, Kat Duncan at Smashwords (e-book)

Edgerton, Les, Finding Your Voice; WDB

Edgerton, Les, Hooked: Write Fiction That Grabs Readers at Page One, WDB

Gardner, John, The Art Of Fiction, Vintage

Hall, Oakley, Art and Craft of Novel Writing, The, WDB

Ingermanson, Randy, Fiction Writing for Dummies, IDG

King, Stephen, On Writing; Scribner

Leonard, Elmore, 10 Rules of Writing; Morrow

Maass, Donald, Fire in Fiction, The, WDB

Maass, Donald, Writing The Breakout Novel & Writing The Breakout Novel Workbook; WDB

Mayer, Bob, Novel Writer’s Toolkit, The; WDB

Seger, Linda, Making a Good Writer Great, Silman-James

Seger, Linda, Writing Subtext, Michael Wiess Publications

Stern, Jerome, Making Shapely Fiction, Norton

Swain, Dwight V., Techniques of the Selling Writer, University of Oklahoma Press

Wharton, Edith, Writing of Fiction, The, Norton

Writer’s Digest Books, Editors of, Complete Handbook of Novel Writing: Everything you need to know about creating & selling your work, WDB (e-book)

Zinser, William, On Writing Well, 4th Edition; Harper Collins

Zuckerman, Al, Writing the Blockbuster Novel; WDB