Last month was a whirlwind. I’d entered the first thirty pages and a too-long synopsis to the Toronto Romance Writers contest, The Catherine. I was a finalist in my category, and the judges comments were incredibly helpful. With less than a week to get my pages revised and my synopsis cut, it was head down and fingers on the keyboard. But the final entry is off to be judged. I also entered a short story contest put on by the Vancouver chapter of the Canadian Authors’ Association. It’s exciting but scary to put myself ‘out there’.

fractal-1239165I’ve been working madly on the umpteenth redraft of my novel, now called Reinvention Hustle, to keep it consistent with the changes I made to the front end. The good thing is that I know have the bulk of Book Two, The Fifth Man, about Kenora’s assignment investigating mortgage fraud and her search for her long-lost father. Book Three is half written. I’m thinking I’ll focus more on the relationship between Jake and Kenora.

I’m also thinking of changing the Point of View to third person, which will give me more scope to explore other characters, especially Jake. But from past experience, changing a work-in-progress from first person to third or third person to first, is a monumental task. Search/replace doesn’t work because the nouns may not align and the verb tenses get screwed up.

But it’s exciting to be thinking about the series and how it will unfold. Now that I’ve recognized that my protagonist’s journey follows Kim Hudson’s The Virgin’s Promise (a journey to self-hood and authenticity) rather than Voglers’ Hero’s Journey (save the world), I won’t have to struggle with shoe-horning concepts that don’t fit.2016-07-09 19.46.30

This time, I’m going to use Blake Snyder’s Save the Cat beat sheets and Randy Ingermanson’s Snowflake Method of story construction to shorten the time I take to plan and outline the characters and key plot points.

So many words to get down. Time to write.