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The 5.75 Questions You Need Answers to

Yes, I know. Technically, if I use the grammar rules Sister Mary John Frances taught me in grade twelve, I should have written: "The five point seven five questions to which you need answers". But grade twelve passed like a vapour many decades ago, and I'm an author,...

2016 WWC – Sensuality

The members of this full-house panel of authors included: Lori Whyte, Nola Sarina, Jessica L. Jackson, Brandy Ackerly. Their advice was witty and on point. There have to be connections between emotional and sexual elements – how do you get from one type of connection...

Notes from 2016 WWC – Heroines

Panel Members: Lori Whyte, Jessica L. Jackson, Victoria Curran, Melanie Stanford In contemporary novels, there is no Snidely Whiplash and Dudley Do-Right saving little Nell. Today’s characters (male and female) have evolved from the past to become more independent and...

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